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I have Marlboro cigarettes10 marzec 2016

I have Marlboro cigarettes Breathe the Marlboro cigaretets, lit a Marlboro cigarettes, it fills the air of the fingertip light white smoke as if already close to my heart, when across the match lit a Marlboro cigarette burning passion in the past. I was smoking a Marlboro cigarettes, into my lungs, into my heart, body, blood, there were too many sighs, write your name, get a pen a and a flower name sucked into the lungs lira nearly the distance from us, the wind across from my eye, flew from my hair, the Marlboro cigarettes clouds as the wind lift.But the good all has become the past, close your eyes sigh, sleep fled cheap cigarettes from my eyes, heart pain only the warmth of the smoke around yourself, don't know how much time in the past, cigarette have been scattered, empty room, empty, empty soul, along with the smoke flow, put one by one, to the dark abyss.Smoke to stimulate my every nerve, every match and have a recall, with a picture, the soft segment telling too many stories, but still hard to give up the wounds from her give up, the flower of sailing, invisible petals, smelling the fragrance, can't close to that the beauty of the flower.I squatted on the streets, Marlboro Red Cigarettes squat down in the river, squatting in the lights dim, squat down at parliament cigarettes the time of sunrise and sunset, squat down in the past, inadvertently lit a Marlboro cigarettes, if dependence on Marlboro cigarettes, more Marlboro cigarettes such as you, the more difficult to extricate themselves, the harder it will be lost, love for you is like sticking Marlboro cigarettes, this time accompanied by oneself, the Marlboro cigarettes from understanding, smoke choking Marlboro cigarettes, Marlboro cigarettes smoke, originally found that you did not go far, stayed with his walk, has been accompanied by I go to the future, you smell like smoke taste is so pure and fresh, clear, clear, I finally found my love for you is still strong, still so deep, still so passionate, flower rain continuous picked up Marlboro cigarettes lit the emptiness of the night, the night's loss, bleak night, the night is my missing for you, also have my blessing for you, no matter where are you now?Please take care of the software. Marlboro cigarettes have you, like you, in my heart, in my mind, in my days, I'll always remember you forever, forever and always bless you, but all the marlboro lights past clouds, no. All of the fog, all gone, one thing I have to accept, you have already walked away, no longer look back, no longer stay, also no longer waiting for me. With you the fresh smile in shallow Marlboro cigarettes, have you the beautiful figure, have you that let a person moment let obsession, if you are very good, let me continue to write you, write your name on the Marlboro cigarettes sucked into his mouth, the lungs, there would always be you.


Peerfct answer! That19 maj 2016
Peerfct answer! That really gets to the heart of it!
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